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Asesoría Madrid Jurídica - Laboral - Fiscal - Contable 

Advantages of our online programme


Save time and money


  • Interactive communication with your + LEGAL advisor.
  • No wasted phone calls.
  • No unnecessary commuting or procedures.
  • Save on Opportunity Costs.


Simplicity and reliability


  • Easy management and maintenance of the portal.
  • +LEGAL works for you to increase your profitability.


Electronic document files


  • Access, consult and download all the information about your company.
  • Complete real-time updated information.




  • Personalised images and content designed for your company.


Alerts and notifications


  • Instant communication via email, between you and +LEGAL, with each of your document publications and requests.


Control and monitoring


  • Notification system informing that the documentation sent has been read in order to fully interact with clients.


Without bounds


  • There are no physical communication bounds with us. We can deliver an effective service from anywhere.




  • We guarantee confidentiality when handling, disclosing and hosting information, so only you and y +LEGAL can access your account