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Asesoría Madrid Jurídica - Laboral - Fiscal - Contable 



The financial and accounting team + LEGAL has a management telematics system called "jcontax" enabling keeping records of the company in real time and completely computerized.
In +LEGAL as an accounting advice  we conducted a control and monitoring updated economic situation of your company, identifying potential improvements in the financing and investment, to enhance their resources.
Optimize your financial resources with our services:


  • Development of the official accounting and costs.
  • Preparation of annual budget and quarterly monitoring, analyzing possible deviations.
  • Advice on possible financing options short term and long term.
  • Processing with competent public institutions.
  • Analysis of the main economic and financial ratios of the company.
  • Data Analysis.
  • Advice on leasing, renting, factoring, lease-back, confirming, factoring.