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Advice Point and Processing Start Point (PAIT).


Forming Limited Companies (S.L.) and New Enterprise Limited Companies (S.L.N.E.) electronically.
Our firm is designated as a PAIT (Advice Point and Processing Start Point) for forming companies electronically, under the supervision of the CIRCE (Business Information and Network Creation Centre) of the General Directorate for SME Policy, Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce.

Definition of PAIT
Advice Points and Processing Start Points (PAIT) are offices reporting to the Public Authorities and public and private entities, (Law 30/2006 of 29 December) together with professional associations, business organisations and chambers of commerce (Royal Decree 682/2003 of 7 June).

The aim of the PAIT is two-fold:


  • To provide in-person information and advisory services for entrepreneurs for defining and processing their business ventures electronically and during the first years of activity of Limited Liability Companies.
  • To start the administrative process of forming a company via the Single Administrative Document (SAD).


Costs of forming a Limited Company via PAIT



  • Company’s minimum share capital is €3,000
  • Articles of Association with generic corporate purpose excluding the possibility of modifications.