Lawyers Madrid Advisory Services -Labour - Fiscal - Accounting

The team of legal department consists of lawyers with experience and expertise in different areas of law. Our lawyers are intimately connected with the various departments of + LEGAL. When a labor issue accounting, tax, or the company needs the intervention of a lawyer in court, in an inspection or a procedure with the Administration, our client has a lawyer from our group available which coordinates all the accounting procedures with labor consultant, prosecutor or managed by your company, and advising at all times the client from the legal point of view and / or your court case.

+ LEGAL Lawyers are different because:

• Advise the customer in a clear and transparent manner, advising prosecute, when you are to be viable.
• They exhaust all possible extrajudicial way in order to avoid prosecution.
• For the closed-price fees.
• By the teamwork of his lawyers and those with other departments + LEGAL.
• For the faster processing of cases.
• For troubleshooting and by anticipating them.

Our Law Firm is comprised of more than a dozen lawyers with great experience at the collegiate illustrious Madrid Bar Association (ICAM), with authorization to practice in all courts of Spain


Our main areas of expertise are summarized in:

  • Tax Law.
  • Labor Law.
  • Patents and brands.
  • Data protection.
  • Claims of debts.
  • Contests Creditors.
  • Audits on data protection.
  • Unfair competition.
  • Legislación sobre Blanqueo de capitales.
  • Foreign companies.
  • Layoffs.
  • Inheritance.
  • Separation and Divorce.
  • Urban leases.
  • Occupational Risk Prevention.
  • Compensation claims of Traffic.
  • Evictions, contracts.
  • Aliens
  • Matters of Exchange Control (Exports / Imports of currency).