Why +Legal?

+ Whenever I need a lawyer, my advice do not have any specialized ...

+ LEGAL has lawyers, economists, etc. that monitor the results of your company without leaving our signature.

+ My company cannot afford the cost of hiring lawyers, accountants, tax specialists, consultants, advisors ...

+ LEGAL has specialized lawyers and internal consultants who know your company and know you.

+ Every time I want to consult an attorney an issue, charge me.

In + LEGAL merely being a customer, legal consultations are free.

+ The staff of my company does not give vast with contracts, payroll, high / low, appeals and complaints, agreements ...

+ LEGAL makes efficient management of its human resources for the benefit of your company and its workers.

+ My company keeps everything in order (contracts, taxes, deductions ...) and the best benefit??? ...

+ LEGAL helps you perform optimal management of your company by a professional interpretation of the law, obtaining the best and proper performance of its resources, and to advise and represent you in court.



Professionals with over 15 experience years.

More than 1,000 customers (companies and professionals) satisfied.

A high level of customer loyalty.

Performance and legal defense in the main areas: fiscal, labor law, patents and trademarks, data protection, layoffs, corporate broadcast 24 hours, unfair competition, prevention of occupational hazards, inheritance…